Webroot Antivirus

Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus examines at rapid and uses simply a stream of your framework's assets. It procured amazing scores in our grasp on tests and might actually move back some ransomware action.

Overall Performance
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Our Score
What we Liked
  • Near-perfect score in our malware protection and phishing protection tests
What we weren't sure about
  • Limited lab test results due to unusual detection techniques
  • Mixed results in testing with hand-modified ransomware


The earliest antivirus utilities perceived malware by counseling a data set of marks. These marks were components of malware records that stayed invariant, and consequently could be utilized for distinguishing proof. Malware journalists immediately figured out how to compose polymorphic projects that transform somewhat with each new duplicate, thwarting straightforward mark based discovery. Regardless, the endless expansion of malware would have required a continuously developing data set. Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus maintains a strategic distance from the entire issue by utilizing something else altogether. At the point when it experiences an obscure application, it runs it in an air pocket, forestalling the application from making any long-lasting framework changes until its cloud-based knowledge arrives at a decision about the program. In the event that it's noxious, the small neighborhood Webroot program clears out the aggressor and turns around its activities. It's an alternate methodology from most contenders, yet our tests show that it functions admirably.

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